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Go crazy: the British invented an original way to carry the snacks to the cinema

Сойти с ума: британка изобрела оригинальный способ пронести снэки в кинотеатрNote.

Why should we go to the cinema? No – movies do not interest us. First and foremost we need a place to fill the stomach with harmful food, like popcorn and soda…

Did you notice that the popcorn in the cafeteria of the cinema is 10 times more expensive than the supermarket, which is usually on another floor of the same shopping centre?

A natural question arises: why pay more? But if blatantly to lock myself in the movies with packets of food purchased on site or you are likely thrown out – so there are rules.

One resourceful Briton named Angela brisk came up with a cunning hack, using which you can easily carry the popcorn from the supermarket to the cinema so that the ushers did not even suspect.

You just need to buy at the local hardware store Styrofoam forms and putting him in his food, put him under my coat and pretend to be pregnant. Brilliant!

Judging by the way liked the idea of British fans, this winter to local theaters is expected to an incredible increase in the number of pregnant attendees…

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By the way, men also can use such a move, because in our country, alcoholic traditions are such that to see a man on the street with a huge beer Mamon – a common occurrence.

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