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Go crazy: the American turned himself in to the police

Сойти с ума: американец сам себя сдал полицииHe was driving under the influence.

Florida drunk driver called the police service and complained about himself.

According to police, the incident occurred on New year’s eve in Polk County. The man who called himself Michael called 911 and reported a drunk is behind the wheel of a car.

The Manager urged him to stop and Park the car at the curb. To which the man replied that he doubted.

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In the end, after a series of questions of the Manager, the man said he stopped the car, but not at the curb, and in the middle of the road. Then the offender has decided to hang up.

Subsequently, the militiamen managed to establish the whereabouts of the men.

When they came to him, the man told them that he drank “one or two” glasses of beer. He later changed his story and said that beer was “three or four”.

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