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Go around TEST # 8. Lovers are killers

Who about someone, we are murderers, psychopaths, maniacs. This test is devoted to a specific theme – the assassins who love each other. The same case when saying that “the husband and the wife – one Satan” takes on a new, rather sinister meaning. But fear not, the real horror in these matters a little, because almost all of them are connected in the world of cinema.

Before you – a new author’s test of the Zone of Horrors is the eighth (of the planned thirteen tests) in a series dedicated to reprinting the controversial anthology “13 killers”. If you for some reason have overlooked the previous tests, it is never too late to catch up:

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To be continued…

Well, now honestly and openly answer all the questions. Tell us in the comments what your result is. And then share the test with friends and acquaintances to see what their progress!

In the anthology “13 killers” contains 13 novels and short stories from 13 authors. Moreover, each of the works talks about a serial killer or a maniac. And each of the works is preceded by a quote real maniac or a serial killer. The first edition was published in 2015 and was the cause of several scandals (the book was even withdrawn from sale in some stores). The new edition is marked with a mark “18+”, has a new cover. You can buy it for example here:

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