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Glyuk’oza regret that as a child renounced grandmother of parting parents


Natalia Ionova, known as Gluk’oza, often shares with fans the stories of life. The singer regularly posts pictures and tells the family about his childhood.


So, in a recent interview with the magazine “Domashniy Ochag” Natalia admitted that he was sorry about one thing from my childhood. The parents of the singer for some time, disagreed, because of what Natalia was a stress. And it was then she was very rude to her grandmother — on the emotions she disowned her.


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“We children stayed with my mom, grandma came to see me at school: “Natalia…” she’s my dad’s mom, and we are now not together! And I like her answer: “You’re not my grandmother,” and went from her. For years I’ve berated myself for it! Now, when most children remember and this is so intense, it is impossible to imagine what she was feeling. Ask Granny’s forgiveness for it. And she says, “don’t blame yourself, forgive yourself, I don’t remember this””, — said the singer.

Glyuk’oza added that the child she was not simple, but she was a difficult child — I loved to fool around and able to respond to adults rather abruptly. But now the mother of two girls realized that feels happy.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova with her husband

“I never thought that the most awesome state in life is the state of balance. Not a storm of emotions and events when you’re thrown from side to side, once conquering the world, full of disappointment, and peace of mind. Probably, it was necessary to live the first half of life as I to to 30 years to understand: I really like it when it’s straight. When children do not get sick, grandma feels good, just okay. Cool feeling,” admitted Natalia.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova with the youngest daughter

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