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Gluk’oza has caused outrage fans with a new Topless photo

11 Dec Natalia Ionova made at the Christmas party “DANCING! TREE! MUZ-TV!”. For the event the singer chose a modest outfit — black dress with asymmetric hem and one sleeve. Fans noted that finally the star was to dress modestly and never puts the body on display.

But there it was. The next day Natalia published in Instagram photo from a summer vacation in the Maldives. The picture shows the singer posing almost naked, from the clothes the star only lace panties.

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“Today I dreamed of the sea. Obsession now)))) and every degree down a desire to be on the beach without warm tights, wearing under jeans, much more tangible))) I think many will understand. Counting the days until the Christmas holidays… who goes where?” — addressed ions to the fans (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

The opinions of fans regarding spicy photos of Natalia divided: “a Beautiful woman. In clothes, no”, “EW…are not you ashamed to put yourself?” “What gorgeous Breasts and ass! Umnichka!!!”, “Everything is nice, the figure is super of course!!! But the sense of proportion is also necessary to know! Where to watch your husband!”, “Terrible photo, there are actually children still sit, don’t know what to show you.”

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Наталья Ионова не стесняется демонстрировать свое тело

Певица находится в потрясающей форме

Звезда прикладывает немало усилий, чтобы ее тело было стройным и подтянутым

Наталья Ионова

Певица уверена, что каждая женщина, став матерью, не должна забывать о себе, поэтому в Instagram звезды столько пикантный снимков

Наталья Ионова Фоото:

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