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Glucose was criticized for the love of skimpy clothes

Глюкозу раскритиковали за любовь к откровенной одеждеSubscribers criticized the actress for inappropriate appearance.

The singer Glucose surprised the choice of outfit for going to a restaurant. Natalia came for a friend’s birthday in a silk dress, nightgown, under which did not wear underwear. On the page in Instagram, the singer shared a photo in the company of the birthday girl – gymnast Svetlana Khorkina.

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“In our gang today. Our Sveta Khorkina birthday! Our baby, stay happy, purposeful, and unique. Want to achieve your new goals and aspirations! I can’t believe 13 years have already such a warm friendship and always a fun meeting! And you’re still the same girl. Adore you! Happy birthday!”, signed frame of the star.

Subscribers criticized the artist for the inappropriate appearance: “Yes…constantly opolanka”, “Without a bra in a nightie”, “the horror! Would people generally bare, though, so be at rest”, “Disgrace” “Oh, I forgot to get dressed, All of delights visible”, “Without underwear at birthday at all out of place,” “Put on a bra, how uncivilized,” said the outraged users.

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Глюкозу раскритиковали за любовь к откровенной одежде

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