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Glucose showed a luxury apartment

Глюкоза показала роскошную квартируNow Glucose along with her husband and daughters lives in a luxurious house, however, before the marriage, the singer managed to buy an apartment, which made a great repair.

The stars don’t like to show off their nest press, however, sometimes make an exception.

For example, recently my apartment showed the singer Glucose. Now the actress, her husband Alexander, two daughters and their dog live in a big and spacious house. But before the marriage artist independently working on his own apartment, which made a good repair. With the interior of the young singer helped her future husband Alexander.

“This helped the designer – a talented young man from Odessa, and my future husband. At the time our relationship began to develop, and so lucky that Sasha was working just in front of my house. Very convenient! He came, gave me advice, and as someone well versed in art and architecture, helped with the delights not to overdo it. I still come from an ordinary family, with ordinary courtyard, where everyone always seemed to be that expensive, rich and beautiful is definitely a monogram, pretzels, moldings everywhere. Remember, Sasha said, “Well, why so much?” Bedroom stucco resisted. Since this housing I did for myself and beloved grandmother, Lydia Mikhailovna, in the end, the apartment looks cozy and feminine, this slightly Palace style,” says the singer in an interview with “Antenna”.

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Glucose admitted – in the apartment she has a few favorite places.

“One of my favorite places in the apartment is the living room with plush sofas. There, my grandmother can talk for hours. Well, the fridge, of course. I’m such a greedy person, although not say. I just with the Constitution are lucky, even myself, but love to eat. I have a secret room is a small sauna in the bathroom” – confessed celebrity.

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Глюкоза показала роскошную квартиру
Глюкоза показала роскошную квартиру
Глюкоза показала роскошную квартиру

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