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Glory responded to the accusations of Andrew Razygraev disrupting the interview drunk


Singer Slava was at the center of a scandal: TV presenter Andrey Razygraev has accused the actress of disrupting the interview for MUZ-TV channel, to which the crew was prepared for the whole week. In his Instagram Andrew posted a hate post and told me that the singer threw a tantrum, swore and behaved inappropriately. According to the presenter, the star was drunk.

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“As much from the common man remains on the other unseen side of showbiz… And then, sometimes, there are quirks and awesomeness shocking that the only response to the behavior of some characters becomes helpless divorce hands and wiggle discouraged by the head… for example, I’m shooting another group of 27 people were preparing for shooting a 40-minute interview with a Russian singer. Speaking at the scene, the “star” instead of to go to is planned and coordinated the shoot, staged a baseless tantrum, swear, insults were thrown out of the dressing room staff of the channel, and then, sending everyone and everything together, hurried off with a sound grip on the train stinking of fumes… I always thought that if you chose a public profession, it is your duty, under all circumstances, to serve the audience and respect of the colleagues, a number you think more and friends, and they in turn recognize and impartially appreciate you Honesty and Personality. And forgiving. Up to a certain point. Before the first frightening steps into obscurity… everything From me!” — told Andrew (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

Glory responded to the accusations Razygraeva, stating that he was completely sober. The singer also said that was offended by the disrespectful attitude of other presenters who were laughing at her and her dancers. Also Thank apologized for the broken air.

“About a disgusting low post Andrew Razygraev! I was completely sober! but very tired and warned the team Muz TV that I would not give an interview to the channel at the beginning, as the banks power for performance, and then an interview with Andrew!!! during our performance on the song “solitude” suddenly from somewhere out the leading 2 and literally start a very not nice to sneer behind our backs, and on the stage, which with a height of 2 meters. girls ballet do not see everything that happens behind them, one deft movement and Alla just would have fallen down!!! you head to your clueless??? us about this no one even warned, moreover, I saw some of the gang (those leading and another of the same type) laughed and talked with us during our performances, I was really painful to watch, and then entered into this low “dance” behind our backs. I am very scared for Alla, said to his assistant that he was removed, barely held back tears. And then in the dressing room and did something that screamed and sent all of the X!!! and Andrew I said I can play any other day. only he said it funny!!! it’s funny when people can fall and leg break??? fuck you all !!! I my team is worth more than your CP*tion show business!!! I even apologized then to Andrew that tore the air about what really now regret!!!” — wrote the artist.

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