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Global warming triggered catastrophe in Tibet

Глобальное потепление спровоцировало катастрофу в Тибете Climate change caused the series of avalanches and landslides.

Scientists said that a series of avalanches and landslides, which claimed the lives of ten residents of Tibet were the result of changes in the structure of glaciers in the region due to global warming.

The researchers ‘ findings published in the Journal of Glaciology. In the study, researchers examined information about one of these avalanches that came down on July 17 of this year, near the village of Aru in the Southeast of Tibet. After studying the photos, obtained by the satellite Sentinel-2 shortly before the avalanche, the scientists found that the glacier Aru broke away a huge chunk of ice mass with a length of six kilometers and a width of 2.5 kilometers. This huge mass of ice, according to witnesses, completely “slipped” from the slopes of the mountains in just four to five minutes and buried the valley in which at the time were people.

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This state of Affairs has surprised the scientists, because the glacier Aru was considered one of the most stable glaciers of Asia. According to researchers, the cause of the accident was that at the foot of the glaciers penetrated meltwater, which failed them and forced to slide on the soil and rocks much faster than they did before. Accordingly, if the slope is fairly steep – about 15 degrees in this case, the lower part of the glacier may simply “break away” and slide down for a few moments.

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According to researchers, this is due to global warming, which has led to rising temperatures in Tibet and in other mountains 1.5-2 degrees Celsius over the past 50 years, and increase in the amount of summer precipitation in several times over the last five or six years.

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