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Global Dota 2 becomes almost Dota 3

С глобальным обновлением Dota 2 превращается почти в Dota 3Version 7.00 introduced a new fighter — King of the apes.

Like any multiplayer game with a long life, Dota 2 needs a periodic shake-up. Valve usually solves this issue some changes in the balance, but today the game is changing major company releases biggest update 7.00 with the subtitle “a New journey”.

Many fans jokingly (or seriously?) called Dota 3, League of Legends 2 or even Heroes of the Storm 2. And, perhaps, not in vain — in the “New journey” of changing the gameplay itself. The characters will appear in the talent tree, whose branches can be selected on the 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th levels. Thus, the Valve assures that all characters will be able to adapt to the tide of battle.

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Version 7.00 introduced a new fighter — the monkey King (Monkey King). He wielded a staff, can jump on enemies from trees, disguised as the objects of the world and also causes detachments of soldiers, the apes.

In the “New journey” is complete and other modifications of various kinds. Interface have drawn from scratch — it takes up less space on the screen and provides a new control panel hero. There are more options before the game: players see features in the composition of their team (for example, a lot of “support”, but few “escape”) and can advise comrades to “utter a word” certain characters. During the strategy phase, on a special map you can jot down places to “wards” and the alleged actions of rivals.

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In addition, at 7.00 appeared custom bots, heroes Slardar, Viper and Enigma gave body to the new design, and third-person pumped graphically. However, a complete list of corrections and improvements is so extensive that the entire in the news not fit, so study all of the details on the official page.

“A new journey” is already available in the test build of Dota 2, and basically the client should start today, December 12. Says Valve, the battle of the Ancients will never be the same.

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