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Glen (or Glenda) will return to the “Cult of Chucky”?

You know, I love almost the whole Saga about the red-haired doll killer, starting with the original “Children’s games” and ending with “Curse of Chucky”. In every movie there was something good, cool or just funny to me.

That’s just “Seed of Chucky”… hell, I think I hate this part. There was no horror, no rock-n-roll love child of Chucky and Tiffany was something of a pathetic and unsympathetic. The very feature with the uncertainty of gender could successfully shoot, but there was something obscure and not even funny, I think. But enough to sputter hate — maybe some of you like Glen/Glenda? Well, tell me — what?!

What we all remembered the freak? In the “Curse” the guy was not, it would seem that you can forget about it, right? After all, the franchise went back to basics, to the horror genre, leaving in the past the Comedy stage, isn’t it? However, the creators seem to hint that puppet family will gather again.

Here’s a tweet published yesterday by don Mancini, writer of all parts of the series and directed most of them:
— Don Mancini (@RealDonMancini) may 2, 2017.

Maybe it means nothing?

Well, he laid out a frame from “Progeny”, so what? However, this is not the first time that Glen/Glenda glimpsed in the Twitter feed.

Look-ka in the official account of the “Cult”. There is a lot of fun, and here is what was published in February of this year:

We are one fucked up gene pool. #Chucky
— Chucky (@ChuckyIsReal) 27 Feb 2017

Also just so? Who the hell knows. I don’t even know how to treat the possible return of Glen. And you? Will be happy with the little bastard with sharp teeth? However, after the events of “Progeny” it sort of became man and more precisely, even two — so does it make sense to think about them? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, the new film in the series will be released in October this year. By the way, Russian fans created a petition to get hire in our country.

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