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Gleb Zhemchugov: “If the wife is not going to introduce me to her boyfriend, then I’ll find him myself”


In October last year, the wife of Gleb Zhemchugova Olga Wind left TV project “Dom-2”. The girl also took their son Mike and now settles in a rented apartment. Hleb didn’t believe that his family might leave the project, although Olga spoke about it many times and called her husband. Recently Gleb Zhemchugov, it seems, had finally left reality. He said this in Instagram, asking fans to help search the apartment.


While Hleb still hopes that he can get his family back and to restore relations with his wife.

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In an interview with “StarHit” the former participant of “House-2” admitted that begged not to go to the project Olga, but she never listened. And then Hleb went on a Bender: “I first lost my family, so I just didn’t understand how to behave in this situation what to do. There is a phrase: “to forget one or have to search through ten.” I felt I was drowning and trying to grab others. Apparently, I thought that it would be easier,” he said.

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Pearls also regret that he did not leave telestroke. According to him, it was necessary to take his wife and child and leave, but somehow he didn’t.

After leaving the couple with his son Gleb has long tried to improve relations: “After I saw her, I asked to give a last chance and promised to fix it, but she didn’t give it. Cried and said: “let’s spend time together, go ice-skating, cinema, restaurant, just walk across Moscow, we will return…” When I realized that do not need anyone there, decided to stay. Then everyone said I abandoned the family and chose the project, but I never quit”.


It also became known that Olga Wind there’s a new young man with whom she lives. “Yes, she has a new young man. Now on the Internet, even walking them together. He works at the driving school, where Olga went to school, when we still lived together”, — said Gleb.

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While Pearl hopes that she will introduce him with the new boyfriend, “because this man will live with my son, and I should know it. And if you do not introduce, I will find it myself. Just talk like a man of war, I definitely don’t want. In my best interest now to do everything that as often as possible to see his son”.

Also, according to Gleb, he is confident that Olga will walk up and back to him: “Now she’s trying to try everything new, let. When we came to the project, she was an ordinary girl, wanted to raise a child, now she has other priorities: money, shooting, self-development. It’s nice if she wants, let him try. I’m still waiting for her, and hope she’ll be back,” he said.


Hleb is experiencing due to the separation from her son: “I was Very lucky to had a good relationship with the mother, so we are constantly in touch. At any time can communicate with her son video”.

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