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GLASS: photos from the last day of filming

Yesterday it became known that the shooting “glass” is completed, in which case the whole team threw a party. Well, we pulled with Integramod get pictures of the final working day and the subsequent booze and actors.

Previously the inhabitants of the Zone Horror was able to witness how completely gray Samuel L. Jackson riding in a wheelchair, and how McAvoy shirtless flaunts a great muscles. Well, and other stars of the upcoming film’s lit. That’s just Sarah Paulson was not. Well, corrected. Here she is running around with a script under his arm and warm uggs on my feet. It seems that the camera catches it in the same points regardless of where it is removed. Just remember, pictures from AHS.

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But McAvoy photos still more. Twenty-three handsome in one! How can you not take a selfie? However, another star “split”, Anya Taylor-joy, here, too, flashed, and in an unexpected and amusing manner. Well, Shyamalan’s.

Recall what’s the movie about:

David Dunn is chasing a supernatural creature named the Beast, formerly known as Kevin Wendell Crumb, resulting in a series of battles, and yet Elijah Prays masterfully orchestrates the events, staying in the shadows and having the secrets the weaknesses of both enemies.

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Unusual superhero Thriller “glass” will be released in cinemas in Russia on 24 January 2019.

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