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Give SCARY books for the New year and Christmas!

In past years we had drawing books for Halloween, but this year, the darkest of the holidays passed in a special mode, because for the first time in the history of Horror Web media network carried out The worst festival in St. Petersburg. The lottery, with the free distribution of books, we decided to postpone until the Christmas holidays. It is also related to an emergency mode of operation of Mail of Russia in December-January, when people constantly send each other gifts – which makes it difficult for us immediate shipping of the prizes for winning our contests, reviews and photojob.

And so we as long as two months will have a lottery with just NINE members which have a chance to win nine books (one for each) of your choice. Available: Roman Oleg Kozhin “Hunting luck”; an anthology of dark fantasy and weird “Dark”; the anthology “13 witches” (pocket edition); the anthology “13 killers” (pocket edition); anthology of mystery and horror “Halloween”; a collection of the author Vladislav Geneva “Smell”; novel Victor Glebov “Fatalist”; anthology “the worst book 2017” and the anthology “the worst book 2018”. Not weak, right?

All you have to do to participate in the draw is leave a comment on this page indicating that of the nine books named, which you would like to receive from us a gift.

1. If you are not registered on our website – sign up. If you register log in with your username and password;

2. Leave this page your comment. Just write the title you are interested in books.

3. Can also write in the comments something like “Any” or “All three” then, in case of victory, we are for you to choose, which of these books to send you.

Within two months we will collect your requests in the comments. The results of the lottery will sum up February 1st!

On and at the same time recall that the new series “The scary book” anthology-the Yearbook “Most terrible book 2019”, which we’re NOT kidding, are already on sale, and you can expand your library by purchasing it in Бук24, Labyrinth, Read-in and other stores.

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