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“Give mom a tractor.” How to survive in the Pskov village on the salary of nurses

"Подарите маме трактор". Как выжить в псковской деревне на оклад медсестры

In mid-December-2018 12-year-old Tasia Perchikova addressed to Internet reception of Vladimir Putin and asked him to give mom a walking tractor or mini-tractor. The girl did not complain, but clearly explained the President that no tillers are extremely difficult to survive in the village they mom 30 miles from home is a nurse in two shifts to get paid slightly above minimum wage.



“I love the mother and see how her hard. Help please, to make mom a gift that she was easy and could be better to cultivate the land. And mom less had to work with a shovel after duty almost to the loss of power,” wrote the President of the twelve year old girl far from Pskov in the village. Today this entry on the website, the Internet reception is no longer available.

When the Tasi appeal to the President from Moscow descended on a local level, the authorities in the district hospital gave her mother a nurse, social workers referred to the lack of registration by place of residence, and Vladimir Vladimirovich did not answer.


“Come visit us”

From Pskov to the village Casino Sebezhsky district, 180 kilometers along the snow-covered forests. The Shuttle bus from the regional center here is not to get, Lasik from Sebezh arrives to the village only on weekdays, and officials and deputies do not appear here, even before the election. I live here little more than a hundred people. In the village only three households with goats and four cows.

Taisiya Perchikova mother moved here from Leningrad region in 2018. Tired of living in rented house, to invest in someone else, explains the girl’s mother, and was able to accumulate just for the Sebezhsky the villages. House Tomsin worth 350 thousand rubles.

Have to agree here very much:

– I don’t want the city to go back for any money! Not moving back! In the city turn on the music, all the screaming, yelling: “What are you doing?” But here at least sing, even drop it and destroy no one will hear! Freedom like that! I want to play, want to sit… And nature? The Sebezh lake, river Vet we are swimming here! – enthusiastically says Tasia.

She and President Putin to be his guest were invited, promised to show diplomas and to introduce Pets.

“My mother is very good. She works at the district hospital in Sebezh, in the emergency room. Salaries in the hospital is not enough, it is less than the minimum wage, so the mother works two shifts. And the mother helps others. The house we live goats, the mother brought spring to the next. Her name is Caramel. I love her very much. And we hope that it will be a very good cow. I’m helping my mom around the house. Caring for goats, chickens, a calf. A lot of work. I’m studying in an ordinary village school in the 6th grade, but not in the village. Here closed a good two-story brick school. They say that we, the students, was very small and the school was closed. Was kindergarten, it too was closed. To go to school far, almost 15 kilometers. Participate in academic competitions. I like it a lot. There are even diplomas! I love the mother and see how difficult it is for her. Help please, to make mom a gift – a walking tractor or mini-tractor. To mom it was easier and could be better to cultivate the land. For it is also necessary to look for. It is much appreciated. We would have more beds. And mom less had to work with a shovel, after duty, almost to the loss of power. I will be very grateful if you call and I will you myself to tell you. We will be very glad to see you, come and visit us, I’ll show you their Pets and their diplomas,” – wrote the head of state twelve-year-old girl.


Her mother Elena about the plans of the daughter did not know.


– I’m at work and suddenly you get a phone message: “Your appeal to the Russian President Vladimir Putin forwarded to the State Department of education of the Pskov region”. Surprised, because I didn’t write to anyone. And then I saw that we are talking about Persikovoe because, and I – E. A., – says Elena Pershikova.


Blame the child she did not, but asked next time to prevent the dialogue at this level.

“Mom is difficult, and I also”

From Tasi at home is an old TV, only channels “Russia-1”. Another bravura reporting and pushed the girl to take decisive action.

– I saw on TV that school, where there were 33 children, has allocated a new gym. But in our two-storey school with 60 children and it was closed! They had children! Two times more children! Why is it closed?! There lives the head of the district (Leonid Kurzenkov. – R. S.). So he defended the school? – Tasia screams and then quietly adds: – I want to help my mother, because it is difficult, and I also. I want the school here, was next.

Tasina school according to the documents passed as Tomsinskoy branch Sebezhsky average. Her little girl saw in the window and even had time in the morning before school to feed livestock: goats, geese, a young calf Caramel, four cats and five dogs. All the intricate nicknames – one goat, for example, name is Spyridon Iogannoviches – they came up with Tasia with her mother’s help. All four-legged cook soups and porridge with meat byproducts.

School Tomsin closed in the summer of 2018. Residents explained that the building for 60 students unprofitable. Kindergarten, which was located in her, suffered the same fate. Now a sturdy two-story brick school building is empty. Through the window you can see the piano and sports equipment in the classrooms. In the courtyard drowned in the snow simple children’s rides – a color slide, houses, rings, cocks and rocking. According to Tasini mom, tomsinskoy school recently redecorated and put new Windows on the first floor.

Tasia and the remaining children were transferred to Kuznetsovskiy high school, from which to the Tomsin – 30 kilometers. For students every weekday early in the morning comes the bus and five in the evening returns back.


– If mother is working on shift, and I’m away at school, animals to feed, no one at all. Here I would finish classes in two hours, and not at five o’clock, when all no already – says Tasia.

She Mature quickly realized that with such a schedule soon, the economy will decline, and went on family learning. Elena bought her the courses registered in the Ministry of education platforms, and the girl not only learns the program along with their peers, but winning contests. For a year she gathered a fat folder of diplomas.

Now Tasia leaned on biology and botany, dreaming to have your own personal garden, to become a veterinarian, and then another and the dog. She has a College close to home, looked after, and on your own animals regularly trains.


– Oxytocin Kohl, Kohl, vitamins, taste, not to get into the nerve. Birth of goats, cats, dogs! – shows off the girl.

Tasia live with my mother in a small wooden house. While here only a couple rooms, a small kitchen and a toilet. The house is heated by two stoves. Wood save: take a slab and shoot themselves. Sauna bath and hot water here: instead, a kettle and a basin with a ladle.


– We want the boiler, but it stands as my mom’s monthly salary, – says Tasia.

The oven at home either, but my mom was fine and sometimes spoils the simple daughter of the patties in the pan. Tasia mother is proud and says she everything knows – even make goat’s milk home-made cheese, cheese and cream.


The girl has a separate room where six square meters. Most of it is old Soviet shelves with books and certificates. Immediately put to bed with dolls, other toys sitting on the window sill. About Tasia them shy to speak and translate the theme to a tractor that mom was easier to live.


I, too, will learn to ride and she’ll do everything under the supervision of a promised child.

In addition to the house which is still decorated on Perchikova, owned by the family – only animals. Elena jokingly calls them “real estate” and says that no furniture, no clothes they did not buy here: not enough money. In the living room – the wall of the 80-ies, a small sofa, a corner with icons and Tasin Desk with the main wealth – a simple computer from which the girl and sent a letter to Putin.

“Actually, bad to live on that money…”

Mom Tasi works in Sebezhsky district hospital nurse aide. Her salary – 5623 ruble. This is less than in Pskov oblast subsistence minimum (that equals 11 163 rubles), so her pay stub for a special graph “Supplement to a minimum.” But the last month was only 700 rubles, so Elena, in her own words, is forced to work for two people: a nurse and a nurse aid at the same time. For it should be 70% of salary. Total with a night shift in intensive care in December she came running 16 769 rubles. After deduction of Deposit (3000 rubles) and income tax (2180 rubles) in the payment remained 11 589 rubles.

Is the only road maps we have Junior medical staff receives more than 20 thousand rubles. We have no one in the hospital so not getting! I’m afraid that it’s all just somehow deducted, is issued because the hospital employees complained to the labor Inspectorate, Prosecutor’s office… We went out and Denis Nikolayevich Ivanov from the regional health Committee, and he did not believe that we have such salaries. “This can not be, must be stimulating, and other subsidies,” he told us on the phone. But in my hands the payslip, show, where’s the incentive, where is the Governor? – asks Elena Pershikova.


From her village to the hospital is 30 kilometers. Travel in one direction is 129 rubles. In a month it takes nearly three thousand roubles. Especially inconvenient to get home after duty. Shift ends at nine in the morning, and the bus only arrives at 15:10. So after a night shift sometimes you have to walk along the road on foot, hoping for good travel companions.

– I have a dream – interrupts mom’s story Tasia. – I want to…


– Tasia, do not have any dreams, well, everything… stops her Elena.

The girl doesn’t listen and continues:


I want a mini-tractor. We have that, then we’ll be here a whole field to dig for the cattle and for us? insists the child.


A mini-tractor or motoblock she asked the President, but local officials who addressed the letter “ex officio”, somehow decided that the main problem of the family is no school in the village, and forwarded a letter to the regional office of education.

They thought that the letter about the school, and not that actually bad to live with the money – sigh Tasina mother. – I don’t drink or smoke, but if I work for two days in a row much longer I can do?

After letters to the President Elena anatolevny had an unpleasant conversation with the boss. At work didn’t believe that the author and initiator of the appeal to the President was a twelve year old child.

– Sticking I got in the hospital, saying that what I write, why complain? – the woman tells.

After contacted the staff of the local Department of social protection. They are, according to Elena Persikovoe, suggested that she “buy anybody” temporary registration, as the process of registration of ownership of the house where the family lives, was too long, and Perchikova now Tomsin not officially registered. Buying check, according to social workers, would give Elena the chance to claim a child allowance. Only they did not realize that “children” have yet to prove that mom is not getting to the daughter of alimony. But the biological father of Tasi Constantine Peppers live in Ukraine and no reference to the child support grant is not intended.

To earn more, Elena wants to learn to be a medical Registrar. The hospital is also interested in this specialty, but do not want to pay his employee. And to pay for their own courses for 8 thousand roubles Perchikova can’t. And so it is spent before the New year ordered the favorite daughter of a subscription to several children’s magazines. Now Tasia is waiting for the first issue of the children’s “novel-newspaper” and news from the President.

I wrote to Putin, hoping that he will answer. He hasn’t replied yet, but I’m still waiting for, – said the girl. And in a whisper adds: it would be even tablet, because the computer is slow.

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