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Girl-vegan parents killed, so they killed a lamb for the holiday dinner

Sometimes life throws up stories that are worse than any horror movie. Because they are tangible, happen in our world with real, not fictional people. Sometimes it seems that the motives of the villains in horror far-fetched, but law enforcement officials can confirm is not that. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This story took place at Easter in the Italian province of Trieste. There a tradition that on the festive table is sure to be a lamb. Of course, suitability. Animal rights groups and others like them is clearly not happy with such practices, but the fate of domestic animals is known in advance, so we can hardly here something to wonder. This time, however, the tradition in the family house Beppe interrupted.

Teenage girl, whose name was not disclosed because of its immaturity, are unable to accept the fact that lamb will have to kill. As it turned out, she really imbued with the ideology of vegans, that is, believed in the necessity of a complete rejection of animal products. Parents either do not notice these changes in her daughter, either did not pay attention. For which he paid. The girl followed dad to the barn and thrust the axe into his head. Slay the Passover lamb, he did not. Then the girl went back into the house and inflicted twelve stab wounds standing at the stove mother. The police were called by neighbors who heard the noise and screams. When there have arrived representatives of law, the parents were already dead. The girl was in shock, but after talking with a psychologist said that her parents was too angry, and she decided to save an innocent life. His act, a juvenile killer, in her own words, hoping to secure a place in Paradise.

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