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Gillermo Del Toro knows why Dark Universe failed

Gillermo Del Toro expressed his weighty opinion about the failed launch of “the Dark Universe” at Universal. Given that this ambitious project could deal with the Director himself treated kindly by critics as “the Shape of water”, it is the view that will be partially biased, but, hell, man has the right.

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Now, after the failure with the new “Mummy”, Dark Universe more dead than alive. Responsible for the failure of people left the project, but maybe it’s a chance for Del Toro to start all over again?.. In the end, many believe “the Shape of water,” his own version of the classic universalismo movie “creature from the Black Lagoon”. And if this version was so successful, if it will bring a lot of cash, then why not?..

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In fact, here’s what Del Toro himself says:

I think there is postmodernisme relevant to the genre when this genre is trying to disarm, disassemble it in a postmodern manner. And I think that if you really like the characters, it’s more dangerous because you do not stand on the material. You stand taller, it’s easier to show the irony that I think must be part of that [approach to the genre].
But at the same time you have ambivalent things, like [the movie “Away”] Jordan Saw that not as ironic as it is reflective. He [Saw] is the fusion of the mind and reverence. It is a good year for genre cinema, of course.

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Del Toro sort of says about the necessity of healthy irony in relation to beloved classics, but, like, the main thing is not to overdo it. What do you think, is he right?

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