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Gigabyte first introduced the family boards Z370

Gigabyte первой представила семейство плат Z370From the manufacturer already finished eight motherboard chipset LGA1151 on the Z370.

Gigabyte Technology came to the announcement of a family of processors Intel Core of the 8th generation (Coffee Lake) in full armor, from the manufacturer already finished eight motherboard chipset LGA1151 on the Z370 that will be available in different parts of the world starting from 5 October. The series heads model Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Z370. He vendor allocates among its main features multicolour backlit RGB Fusion, support led strips with digital control, the presence of three slots for high-speed M. 2 SSDS, DAC ESS Sabre ES9018, two Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel and Killer Rivet E2500), as well as three USB 3.1 connectors, one of which can communicate with the USB-C port on rear I/O of the PC case through the “pigtails”.

Gigabyte первой представила семейство плат Z370

Power phases of processor socket you have Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 ten. Quite modest, but at the same time, the “imputed” number of channels power supply — unlike the 40-phase Z77 Wolverine prototype ASUS and 32-phase production model, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 five years ago.

Z370 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 supports RAM DDR4 DIMM with a frequency of up to 2133 4133 MHz, connect six drives to SATA ports 6 GB/s ports, graphics cords 3-Way CrossFire and 2-Way SLI. A small but very useful details of the novelty are an indicator POST-codes, Power button, Reset and Clear CMOS, and connectors to pump DLC or server fan power consumption 36 watts. For audio answers Realtek ALC1220. In conclusion, we add that the Wi-Fi adapter/Bluetooth flagship solution is missing.

Gigabyte первой представила семейство плат Z370

Another new model LGA1151/Z370 in the performance of the Gigabyte Technology — Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 is equipped with, unlike Gaming 7, adapter Wi-Fi (802.11 ac)/Bluetooth 4.2. Without “victims” have not done: on the PCB is not wired buttons Power, Reset, Clear CMOS and OC, the chip is the ESS Sabre ES9018 and the controller wired network Killer E2500. The middle PCI Express x16 slot has half the bandwidth (x8), and the lower one operates at x4 speed. In this Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 is no different from Gaming 7.

From Z370 Ultra Aorus Gaming less illuminated elements, that part of potential buyers is rather an advantage than a disadvantage. A detailed comparison of the specifications of this nutplate with the above-mentioned Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 allows us to identify key differences, namely the lack of Ultra Gaming support “extreme” mode DDR4-4133, adapter, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, limiting the number of power phases the CPU family instead of ten, and only two slots M. 2 for storage up to 80 and 110 mm. in addition, Gigabyte’s Aorus Gaming Z370 Ultra does not have, in contrast to the top solutions, two connectors for the temperature sensors and 3 A/36 W connector to pump DLC. One of the outputs, is designed to interact with Intel HD Graphics — DisplayPort — gave way to DVI-D. the Company shall be HDMI. The rear panel is also available in single USB ports 3.1 types A and C, and four USB 3.0.

Among the mainstream boards and at the same time the younger members of the Gaming family should include the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 3 Z370 and Z370 Aorus Gaming K3. They are limited to two slots for graphics cards (CrossFire on the formula “x16 + x4”), seven phase system power socket, supports DDR4 memory-2133/…/4000 with dual access and six SATA drives. The mother Board Z370 Aorus Gaming K3 is slightly inferior to “sister” with the suffix K3 set of characteristics due to the lack of internal USB 3.0 Type-C (for extension cable on the case) and the use of Intel Gigabit Ethernet instead of the Rivet Killer E2500.

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