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Gifts of nature: cream beeswax at home

Дары природы: крем из пчелиного воска в домашних условияхNatural beeswax — a storehouse of vitamin A.

Bee wax, melting honeycomb in hot water.

Honeycombs the worker bees create from the substances secreted by special glands. The healing properties of beeswax are very high. Since ancient times, this healing remedy to treat stomach problems, wounds, abrasions and skin tuberculosis. Beeswax can be based on various drugs for external use in diseases of the feet. Beeswax is also ideal as the base for homemade cosmetics.

Recipe 1
6 g beeswax, and 0.5 g of borax, 25 ml peach oil, 15 ml of water, mixed thoroughly, heated in a water bath, stirring constantly, until melted wax and not a homogeneous mass. Is recommended as a cleansing cream.

Recipe 2
5 g of beeswax, 7 g of spermaceti, 5 g of glycerol and 25 ml peach oil mixed, melted in a water bath and mix thoroughly. It is recommended to use as a nourishing face cream.

Recipe 3
Beeswax is used in some plasters, ointments, creams. It is well absorbed by the skin and makes it smooth and soft, so it is often included in nutritional, cleansing and whitening cosmetic creams.

Melt 40 g of beeswax, add 60 g of honey, mix and pour the juice of 1 of the bulbs of white lilies. Heat in a water bath, stirring until blended. The finished mixture is cool, apply on face and leave for 7-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The product is recommended as a nourishing mask for the face.

Recipe 4
30 g beeswax melt in a ceramic or porcelain dish, add 30 g of honey and 30 ml of juice of onion and mix well. Apply on face a thick layer, after 15-20 minutes remove the excess with a napkin. It is recommended to use 1 time a day at night after washing your face as wrinkle cream.

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