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Giant space head in the teaser for “Vaylent Starr”

Yes, that’s right. Giant space head, and with a very recognizable face. Of course, it’s Michael Berryman, the owner is so unusual appearance that it is more like, say, an Orc than a man, and is used, acting in the roles of villains and monsters for over forty years! However, the role of such magnitude, the Berryman seems to have gotten the first time. He plays a huge creature named Hotmail (Bokmaal? Godmichael, in short), which floats in outer space, destroying all those who deem “unworthy”.

The film is called “Vaylent Starr” (Violent Starr) on behalf of the protagonist, hunted by the galactic piracy. In the course of her adventure she meets a stranger, carrying a strange cargo — Golden arm that belongs to another Vaylent Starr, real… Okay, so our heroine is not the first Vaylent Starr, and all those muddles with the hand to lead her to the need to save the universe from the giant head of Godlike. Should be fun.

It should be noted that the leading female role is played by Bianca bradey, which you can remember in the chic Australian zombie thrash “Wormwood: Road of the dead”. As you might guess, here we also have cheap trashcan, but with a bias in “Guardians of the galaxy”.

Well, I would like to see the full trailer of this case. However, the film for Director Oliver Tietgen, as far as we know, is not finished yet, so while we can enjoy just a small teaser, which, however, looks pretty good and juicy.

Premiere of “Vaylent Starr” is planned in 2018.

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