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Giant rats attacked the Swedish city

Гигантские крысы атаковали шведский городThe Swedes were advised to prevent the penetration of rats in the house.

The residents of the Swedish city Sundsvall complained about the invasion of rats, which, according to eyewitnesses, reach the size of cats.

Local authorities warned residents of one of the districts of the city that animals can be dangerous. Citizens encouraged to keep doors and Windows closed and students will not be released from the premises during breaks.

In addition, the Swedes were advised to prevent the penetration of rats in the house and in any case not to feed them. The city strengthened supervision of any edible garbage.

Parents whose children have not reached school age, asked not to feed them on the street, and also to avoid the child fell asleep in the fresh air.

Authorities believe that the cause of a huge number of abnormally large rats was the recycling center, which is in the process of moving. Since the old place where was the center, was empty, the animals rushed to find food in the city. While the territory is equipped with 50 traps, but each of them only holds two rats, so the local municipality is considering other ways of catching rodents.

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