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Giant e-Commerce Alibaba goes on the blockchain

Гигант интернет-торговли Alibaba переходит на блокчейн

Company Ant Financial, which is a financial unit of China’s giant e-Commerce Alibaba, announced the introduction of its work on decentralized decisions. The sellers working on the trading floor, will be able to develop the blockchain app for the convenience of its customers.

Ant Financial will be engaged in development of commercial applications based on the blockchain

The announcement of the introduction of blockchain technology was released a few days ago, Vice-President of Ant Financial Giana Goheen (Guofei Jiang) in the event of Ant Exploration Technology Conference in Guangzhou. New development will be started together with created specifically for entrepreneurs affiliate program, which is also based on decentralized technologies. It will allow us to implement solutions built on the blockchain, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

In an interview Guffey said that Alibaba opens internal technology for all commercial areas:

In recent years, we worked on two aspects of decentralized technologies. One was to create advanced solutions, the second — in opening development to the public and “commercialization” of decentralized applications.

Гигант интернет-торговли Alibaba переходит на блокчейн

For the development of commercial solutions based on blockchain company Ant Financial this summer has developed a decentralized system of money transfers and a special purse. Then was even held demonstration operation, in which the funds were transferred from the Hong Kong branch of Alipay wallet Philippine decentralized service GCash.

Alibaba is a world leader in the study of decentralized technologies

The Creator of the marketplace Alibaba’s Jack MA (Jack Ma), said that the company in the next two years will be to actively engage in the study of blockchain technologies and their implementation in its activities. For these purposes will be lent part of the $14 billion allocated in June for the technological development of Chinese Corporation.

In August, the company Alibaba came in first place in the list of corporations that have registered the most blockchain patents. The number of such applications filed with the Chinese giant, is 90. This figure has surpassed even Alibaba IBM.

Earlier this month MA gave a lecture about what a blockchain is a technology that has yet to prove its benefit to humanity and to show its advantages.

The penetration of decentralized technologies in the work of the famous corporations in the cryptocurrency community is a good sign that sooner or later will lead to the recognition of the blockchain and crypto-currencies:


Blockchain-they continue to implement and patented, and the cryptocurrency that will continue to remain unavailable for calculations, especially in China. Such big corporations could speak on this matter with the government and gradually to soften the requirements.


It’s all B2B solutions, which will not be able to use the normal buyers. Want to see the ability to pay on similar platforms, digital currencies, and now operation is necessary to carry out through intermediaries.

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