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Giant cracks in the ground continue to split Africa into two parts

Гигантские трещины в земле продолжают раскалывать Африку на две части Recently appeared new cracks.

The African continent started to split into two separate parts. This time against the people of Uganda, where faults have passed through houses, bridges and roads. About three hundred houses were destroyed, communication with the rest of the territory exploded.

In the near future, Africa will definitely be split into two separate units — the Nubian plate and the Somali. Earlier, the disaster has affected Kenya, many residents left the area. This time also took place the evacuation.

The division of the continent happening through the East African rift that stretches from Northern Ethiopia to Central Mozambique in East Africa.

Scientists have no doubt that very soon they will have to completely redraw all the maps and rewrite the textbooks, as this is a new division of the world. The process completes with one of the African continent. America, given the events there, also waiting for the split.

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