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Ghostbusters can come back in 2019

Are in development as an animated film and feature films. This was stated by the Director of the original novels Ivan Reitman.

Yes, despite the fact that the new version with a team of Amazons were rather ambiguously received by the public and grossed not much money, as would all those involved in the project people (and probably ghosts). I remember Dan Aykroyd in General severely criticized the Director of the restart of the Floor for the Guys that spent too much money on your movie and not show proper respect to the old team of actors (led by Aykroyd, of course).

It would be possible to think that because of all this the continuation of the story of hunters is to put a cross. However, sold quite well series of comics about the hunters from the publisher IDW and just this factor makes the chances of that in the movie we adventure hunters (or hunters) will see.

That said Reitman, answering questions from the audience on Comiccon:

I think we have some wonderful plans. They include an animated film in which we are already deeply immersed… really great story. She’s going to surprise everyone, I think, when you get out. And we have to deal with the World of Ghosts. Look at the movie from the point of view of ghosts, and the hunters look from the point of view of ghosts. I think it will be something very interesting.

And then Ivan added:

…And, of course, a feature film is also in development.

According to the new York worlds original novels and the world restart “Hunters” can – stresses CAN be combined.

It is clear that many were not happy with that original world of “Ghostbusters” were not in any way included in the new film. And I love the [comic book writer Eric Burcham invented] that the character Kate McKinnon interacts with [the hero of the original films], Spengler [IDW comic]. It gave me a lot of ideas for the new film.

Comics about the hunters enjoyed success.

Meanwhile, in 2019 year marks 35 years since the premiere of the first movie about the Ghostbusters. And Reitman said that

…Studio tries to bind one of the [future] films closer to this date.

So, what happens? In the development of animated and feature films. One of them is likely to be released in 2019. And it is likely that one of these films (or there) will draw a line connecting an original film series in new York and the restart of the Floor Fig.

Good idea or bad? It is not yet clear. Again, if we return to the screens of the character of Spengler, in what way? After all, the actor playing this role, Harold Ramis, alas, died in 2014.

New York asked, and on this account, specifically – are in a future film to use CGI to artificially rejuvenate old actors or even return to screen those who are no longer with us. The answer was:

It’s possible… we think about it. As an option.

Harold Ramis in “Ghostbusters”.

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