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Ghanaian pastor claims that sacrificed 675 people

An unknown pastor in a mask in an interview, said that from childhood he was a servant of the devil.

In Ghana, the pastor during a speech on TV said that birth was a servant of the devil, and for twenty years sacrificed several hundred people.

During an interview with the pastor in the mask said that the 675 had committed ritual murders. More than 600 of the victims were children, which the priest gave the doctors and nurses who were Satanists. Crimes were committed by a priest for 17 years.

From the story of the pastor who was about 30 years old, you should birth felt like a servant of the devil. The man also claims that he came into contact with the 650 demonic spirits.

According to the priest, he repented, and renounced Satanism. The man, however, added that in Ghana there are other “pseudoscience” who deceive the flock and are servants of the devil.

The pastor denied that he made a shocking statement on television for the sake of receiving remuneration. According to former Satanist, he is the son of the President of the Supreme court, who left him a large inheritance in the form of real estate.

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