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GFS denies the legitimacy of cars on avtonomera

ГФС отрицает законность автомобилей на еврономерахThe Supreme court’s decision applies only to one particular fact of bringing to administrative responsibility, say in the Department.

A Supreme court decision on the recognition of the legitimate use of private cars on foreign registration, imported in transit does not mean the legalization of these vehicles. This reports the press service of the SFS on Tuesday, October 23.

The Ministry claimed that the court’s decision “concerned a specific fact of bringing to administrative responsibility”.

“No way this decision could not be grounds for exemption from liability of other persons for violation of terms of transit importation of vehicles”, – noted in the GFS.

The Department also noted. in the case of establishing the fact of use of the vehicle imported in the mode of “transit”, there is every reason to consider the question of whether acts of violence are signs of the offense provided by article 485 of the TC of Ukraine, the Protocol on violation of customs rules.

“Thus, the sanction of article 485 of the TC of Ukraine for the use of the goods for which granted privileges on customs payments, for purposes other than those for which was granted such benefits, provided the imposition of penalties in the form of a penalty of 300 percent of unpaid customs duties”, – is spoken in the message.

Previously, the Supreme Court upheld the indefinite use of foreign-registered vehicles brought into the country in the “transit”.

This is the conclusion the court reached, having considered the cassation claim of the individual to the customs for cancellation of the fine in the amount of 8 500 UAH for the use of uncleared cars on avtonomera. The essence of the dispute is that the plaintiff, who is the owner of the vehicle registration number in Estonia, there is not shot from the register, February 26, 2016 has imported this vehicle into the customs territory of Ukraine on the basis of the customs Declaration for the purpose of transit.

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