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Get rid of these daily habits that cause constipation

Избавьтесь от этих ежедневных привычек, которые провоцируют запорConstipation is often a result of how man relates to his own body during the day.

Experts in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders from Spain spoke about the 7 habits, which increase the symptoms of constipation.

Irregular meals. If you don’t take food at a time and prefer all the time to get something to eat, then it is likely that your body will receive less nutrients together with a balanced diet. If the diet is dominated by carbohydrates and fats, it affects the chair.

Love for coffee. One or two cups of tea or coffee in the morning, which stabilize the intestines, are very good choice. But if you drink one Cup of coffee after another, and consume carbonated beverages with caffeine, it leads to dehydration, which worsens the symptoms of constipation.

Smoking. Many claim that cigarettes help them to get rid of constipation. Yes, nicotine is a stimulant similar. But when Smoking, the body develops a tolerance to nicotine, and you have to constantly increase the number of cigarettes in order to make the whole system functioning normally. As a result, the symptoms of constipation worsen.

Alcohol. Domestic drinking extremely negative effect on the gastrointestinal system. While alcohol itself is a diuretic, is used along with it food often contains a lot of carbohydrates and fats. All together this combination interferes with normal intestinal health and waste chair.

Insufficient intake of water. If you already drink diuretics like tea, coffee and soda during the day, but water in the diet is not enough, dehydration is inevitable. And it is one of the risk factors for constipation.

A sedentary way of life. Lack of physical activity is another reason for the worsening of the symptoms of constipation. A sedentary lifestyle and high-caloric diet coupled with a lack of sleep negatively affect the intestines.

Dietary fiber at the wrong time. The worst thing you can do for constipation is to take healthy fiber. Remember that fiber is designed for prevention but not for treatment of constipation. If the intestine is clogged, then you need to clean it, and not to worsen the condition by using dietary fiber.

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