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“Get on the scale and cry”: humorous anecdotes about unpredictable women

"Встаю на весы и плачу": смешные анекдоты о непредсказуемых женщинахFunny jokes will keep you amused.

Women are beautiful and unpredictable.

They inspire men to great deeds and manifestation of the most noble feelings. And each of them knows their value and did not question their own uniqueness.

Published jokes about the most charming and attractive, who doesn’t like it.

Sit two old ladies on a bench, one says to the other:
And remember when we were young and beautiful, especially me. And now, old and ugly, especially you!

The tax office came old grandmother to pass annual report. The inspector checked the completed Declaration and pointed out the lack of signature. Grandma:
— How to subscribe?
Well, as usual.
The grandmother took the pen and wrote: “Love, Baba darling”.

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I heard you broke up with her boyfriend. Why?
— And you would be able to live with someone who smokes, drinks, curses, and even fights?
— Of course not!
— That he couldn’t.

Nail salon. A woman 50 years old, asks:
— Draw me on the nail of the right index finger on the arrow as a computer mouse.
— For what?
Tablet gave, I can’t get that arrow there.

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— Here I think, what would I take with me to the sea such that I went to the beach, and all around would be stunned?
Ski take.

— Man, you want to make me an offer?
With what you have, I just smoke.
But you let the smoke rings…

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