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Germany has issued a record number of licenses for small arms

Германия выдала рекордное количество лицензий на стрелковое оружиеThe country’s growing sense of insecurity

Germany has issued almost 600 thousand licenses for small arms, which shows a growth of 130% in 2014, when it was issued only 261 332 license.

If licensed, the Germans can purchase gas pistols, rocket launchers and other weapons not designed for lethal use.

The growth was partly associated with a growing sense of public insecurity, mainly with the increase of terrorist attacks in Europe in 2015.

“We must be careful not to American conditions in Germany,” said jörg Radek, Deputy Chairman of the GdP police Union, citing violence in the United States.

“There is a danger that the weapons will not be used properly, and its owners endanger themselves,” he said.

The number of victims of firearms in Germany has steadily declined in the last decade, reaching 820 in 2014. This figure is insignificant compared to 33 336 deaths, registered in the U.S. in the same year.

“More private weapons doesn’t provide more security,” said Irene Mihalich, press-Secretary of “green” in the Bundestag. “On the contrary, it carries the potential for escalation of conflicts into violence.”

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