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Germany has created an unusual “Field”

В Германии создали необычную "Ниву"Fancy a car that does not like VAZ products to and from all of the Soviet vehicles is most similar to “Rover”, built in 1987.

The machine is called Lada Gorbi (the so-called the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev) was built on the basis of the standard “Fields”. But the design was reworked thoroughly and this applies not only to the body.

So, the engine was moved to the base and mounted between the driver and rear axle. The motor has greatly enhanced up to 200 HP. All the elements of the chassis was strengthened and reconfigured. And of course, in the best traditions of the Maestro aerodynamics Luigi Colani (it was he who developed the car), the car received a streamlined body.

Thanks to a lightweight bodyshell with a low drag coefficient and the forced motor, upgraded field could reach a speed of about 200 km/h. unfortunately, It was built in only one instance. Data on how, on what terms was cooperation Colani and the Vase is not — perhaps the designer has built a prototype on their own initiative.

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