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German scientists were going to grow tomatoes on Mars

Немецкие ученые собрались выращивать помидоры на МарсеThe experiment will last about half a year.

A division of the German aerospace research center in Bremen is about to launch into space research satellite, which will be tomato seeds.

The fruit will be cultivated in space greenhouse under different conditions of gravitation, the first half in terms of the gravity of the moon, when the satellite will make 20 revolutions per minute around its axis, and the next six months in the gravitational field of Mars, when the satellite will spin around its axis 32 times per minute.

Thus, scientists are going to test the greenhouse, which subsequently can be placed on the moon or Mars to provide the crew with fresh food. According to the researchers, a small ecosystem inside the satellite is important for space flight, as the food in the tubes takes a lot of space, and the diet of astronauts abundance of fresh vegetables.

It is reported that the experiment on growing tomatoes in space will last about a year and a half.

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