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German media hinder the rapprochement between Russia and the EU

Немецкие СМИ мешают сближению России и ЕС

Saturday, October 27, in Istanbul hosted the quadrilateral summit. At the meeting on the Syrian issue were the leaders of the four countries: France, Germany, Russia and Turkey. This event was the real center of world politics. In this format, the problems of Syria was discussed for the first time, representatives of the four countries, despite different views on certain issues, trying to come to a consensus.

During the meeting the President of Turkey stated the need for joint action and resolving conflicts by political and diplomatic means. Erdogan also said that only by joint efforts of countries, it will be possible to achieve a positive result. All the representatives expressed their solidarity with the Turkish leader. At the end of the Summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the General mood of all countries, reflected in the approved agreement at the meeting, the leader said that all parties will only strengthen the Union for the further decisions and performances as a single unit on Syria.

This historic meeting is a big step on the path to world order, stability and peace. But, as it turned out, there are opponents of this state of Affairs. After the summit, the yellow press of Germany immediately criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for a fact that the diplomatic talks with representatives of Turkey and Russia. Journalists to attract attention to his article even called Erdogan and Putin dictators, to strengthen criticism of the Chancellor and try to sow discord in the dialogue between the two countries.

The next day after the summit, on 28 October, the newspaper Bild published an article with sharp criticism of German policy. It should be noted that in Germany this publication is considered a tabloid rag with a tarnished reputation, is the most base tabloids.

The title of the article is as follows “whether Merkel to hold hands with Putin and Erdogan?”. As stated in the article, the Chancellor is “too” friendly with the leaders of Russia and Turkey. Such discontent in the media called the leader of Germany stands between the representatives of the Russian Federation and Turkey. German journalist criticized Merkel for friendliness with “authoritarian leaders”. Also in the article the journalist refers to the representative of the leftist opposition party of the Cans Ozdemir, who said that she is sick of the behavior of Merkel shaking the “bloody hand”. The article also cites the words of Dirk Kunze, representative of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The German leader spoke about the wrong behavior of Merkel – “instead of shake hands with the tyrants, the leader of Germany would demand from Russia the restoration of Syria.”

It seems that the left is not interested in a speedy settlement of issues in world politics, introducing confusion into the society. We see that European society is facing to the world, finally a no longer see Russia as an enemy, it indicates a significant number of public delegations from the EU and the United States showed a desire to visit Russia, to establish relations. But the opposition does not want to see progress, occupying the position of General denial. Hardly any rag will be able to change the mood of a progressive society and most of Angela Merkel. All it is necessary to earn on something, Bild speculates on loud statements and unsupported allegations of tyranny and the bloodlust of politicians from Russia and Turkey.



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