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German deer pretends to be a cow. Video

Немецкий олень прикидывается коровой. ВидеоHe has two years of carefully “masked” under a cow.

5-year-old red-haired reindeer named Sven lives in a herd of cows. The animal was noticed in the German Flensburg near the border with Denmark.

The stag joined the flock 2 years ago. Wandering and grazing together with the cows. Thus seeks to protect itself from hunters, experts say.

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“Horns, Sven is highly branched. So, he is not young. Where they came from, is unknown. Perhaps in the herd, he feels secure. Understands that here it is not hunting. Or it’s easier for him to feed, because the cows give hay in the winter,” says Katrin Koch of the German Union for the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

Usually the deer are very skittish. Hiding in the woods. But Sven used to people. It allows to come to his 20-30 m.

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