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Gerashchenko voiced the main version of the assassination

Геращенко озвучил главную версию покушенияThe activity of the site “Peacemaker” annoying Russian special services.

The basic version of the assassination of people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko associated with the activities of the site “Peacemaker”.

As noted by the MP himself in the comment to the edition “Gordon” the activities of this resource are annoying the Russian security services.

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“The operation of this site relates to the protection of the interests of Ukraine and its national security. And activities of this resource are very annoying to the Russian intelligence services, as it does not give them the opportunity to ridicule our country. That is the basic version of murder is connected with “Peacemaker” and systematic work on the protection of national interests and security of Ukraine. The organizer of the assassination attempt on me “customer” of the site “Peacemaker”. He can’t enter Ukraine, as it will be arrested. And like him, the site more than 100 thousand people”, – said Gerashchenko.

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