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“Gerald’s game”: the new classic (REVIEW)

Whether someone has high hopes for “the Play of Gerald” from Netflix? The literary source is really good, but you know, this year there were so many adaptations of Stephen king, right? But in the end all the attention is dragged on you know what. It is strange to hear the statements of critics that got one of the best adaptations of a king, and not in the movie, and on the streaming service. Seriously?

Yes, I think.

Until now I didn’t consider themselves fans of Director Mike Flanagan. “Somnia” not looking, “Oculus” made a good, but not too bright impression. In short, for a long time, Flanagan was my dark horse, and I was not sure that he will cope with the assigned responsibility. And the weight of this very great, because unlike other Kingovskoy novels “Gerald’s Game” does not seem very cinematic. One room, one body, one bed — that’s all scenery.

After her husband is accidentally killed in the midst of an intimate game, a young woman is left alone, chained to the bed. But its loneliness was short-lived. All the fears that she had ever experienced in my life, going back to overnight in a secluded house, instantly turned into a sinister torture chamber…

The plot is excellent, but whether it will be interesting from a visual point of view? Not bored if a viewer, if you can make it an hour and a half to stare at a woman whose movement is limited by the length of the chain on the handcuffs?

No, not bored. Moreover, I think timing it was possible to add. I think the Director too quickly causes the character to hallucinate, as if really afraid that we began to yawn. Maybe it’s masochism, but I don’t have enough time to feel the horror of loneliness and despair, before the frame re-flashed faces, the voices.

Fortunately, these dialogues are quickly destroyed and the shadow of discontent. I confess I have not read the book before watching, but it seemed to me, speeches, actions, images — everything was very close to the original text. Something to be rethought, but not lost. In addition, here we must praise the creators for a good casting of the actors. Carla Gugino removed a lot, I remember her in “watchmen”, but truly bright and deep without glossy plaque, it is revealed to me is right here at Flanagan. Her on-screen spouse, the Gerald plays Bruce Greenwood, a veteran of the cinema, familiar to us from the films “I, Robot”, “Star trek”, “deja vu” and many others. The man looks good in a frame but the first cast is rare and Golden statues for their work is usually not enough. Maybe now you’ve got some kind of award? For the Duo with their Gudino came out great.

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At first glance, Gerald seems like a nice guy. Yes, man wants to fuck his wife. What? However, he was imposing, and not without a sense of humor and has a surprisingly pleasant experience. And the most strange and unpleasant is that it remains impressive even when it reveals self-centered misogynistic nature. That is in spite of everything, you don’t have to wonder how these two lived together for many years.

And, you know, disgusting wasn’t the that the guy decided to play in BDSM. Moreover, to shackle a woman to the bed and hold against her will — this is not BDSM. It is banal violence. And interestingly, the violence continues even after the unexpected death of the rapist. Gerald remains alive in the brain of his wife Jessie, and now he is more honest. Not parting with charisma and logic, he most often appeals to her weaknesses, awakens in her self-flagellation, guilt. It becomes clear that the handcuffs are just a symbol. This woman was deprived of freedom much, much sooner.

And here in the greenish twilight of the picture the creators of splash a generous portion of rich colors. We are shown scenes from the childhood of Jesse, or rather from the moment when childhood her ended. We see how the awakening sexuality of girls is jealous of the mother and an unhealthy obsession from his father. Scarlet, the color of the Eclipse, immediately becomes a key in history. Then blood is shed, but the innocence of the heroine was brutally violated, and the soul is forever crippled.

Jesse meets a girl, who was. Dating a woman who still has it, despite years of suppression. Terms matched perfectly, and that means it’s time to remember, time to make and hell to try to go through it all. Finally, Jesse meets a personified death, with Moon man, a huge statue, which is popping up all of a sudden, however, evokes such horror that the picture is instantly included into the territory of horror. Interestingly, according to the Director, it’s not a horror movie, but sometimes he scares pretty good.

Giant necrophiliac plays no less a giant actor Karel Straken. You do remember that the guy on “the Addams Family” and, of course, the TV series “twin Peaks”. His role in “Gerald’s Game” may be small in size, but not in importance. In the Moon man accumulated all the fears of the heroine in front of men, their power, fear of losing them. Don’t think that’s the fear of being alone, the fear that you will refuse to recognize worthless, unloved, did not meet expectations. And he, the Moon people becoming hateful Voodoo doll, which Jesse uses to look their phobias in the eye.

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Yes, all this is not new. In 1992, the novel could still be called a bold statement, but now something like 2017-th…

Only the film and not trying to impress us, not trying to scare or guilt-tripping. He just clearly following the spirit and often the letter of the original, telling the story, unfortunately, is still relevant in our time. Blazing now scandal Harvey Weinstein is conclusive evidence, for the chief weapon of the villain was the silence of his victims. And how much violence is hidden in ordinary families? Behind closed doors, cozy house, in bedrooms, in children’s rooms. And there are always people who defend this state of Affairs. Making excuses for the rapist, blaming the victim. Because it’s easier, because then there is no need to change anything in yourself. And most importantly, because you don’t have to look into your soul, into your past and recognize the existence of something bad. Yes, and this, well? Take the same Jesse the father didn’t touch it! And the husband just wanted to have sex with a lawful wife! Has right!..

No. Of course not. Genitals or a ring on your finger is anything but a symbol of the rights. Especially, on the freedom of another person.

In the finale of “Game of Gerald” has a modicum of pathos, she has a sugary sweet taste, but I think it is appropriate. So, as you can see, I can’t find the picture of really serious shortcomings. It is inexpensive, intimate, not trying to make an impression, however subtle and, oddly enough, dynamic. Even the design of the end credits is good, damn it! Unusual, but not garish, subtle, tasteful.

So, really one of the best adaptations of a king? Why not?

Add volume and “Gerald Game” to compete with such legends as “the Shawshank redemption” and “the Green mile”. At least, the apparent love and respect for the original source (even send “Dolores Claiborne” and “the Dark tower” diligently moved) this movie is on the level. And if “It” marked the birth of a new idol in the horror, here, I would like to think, we see the completion of a number of classic thrillers, classic adaptations of Stephen king.

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