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Georgy Bovt about how the Russians dream of the cancellation of debts for gas

Георгий Бовт о том, как россияне мечтают о списании долгов за газ

The public excited: how so, the Grozny district court deducted 9 billion debt to citizens on payments for gas. Debts deemed uncollectible. And most importantly (as mentioned in the statement of the Prosecutor’s office applied to the court), their implementation may lead to increased social tensions. I think this is a great beginning. And it needs to be picked up.

Let’s leave aside the arguments about the specificity of relations between Chechnya and the Federal center, which considers all the gas their. And everything is clear. Not going to delve into the essence of justice in one separately taken subject of Federation. I think that district court judge did not himself digs it to such creative ideas, and focused on the mood of the summit. As it happens in other courts. That’s not it. Anyway, not only that. Debt relief is to a certain extent, the embodiment of Russian Dreams, so in its own way it is a pity that the first thought of her realization of the freedom-loving highlanders. However, the initiative has already picked up in other regions. “And we, what about us?”, — the sound of Bashkortostan, Chuvash Republic and Smolensk region. And I thought – and generally everywhere. I hope the idea is picked up in the national scale.

No wonder the news quickly became viral.

And no one remembered anything about any contractual rights, for Christ’s sake, nor about the performance of the obligations, what keeps the whole market economy. We all thought the same thing: why they can and we can not? And this is our way, soulful and inescapably-scrape.

Now, of course, the taming of the cost-shameful thoughts will be thrown all the forces of the curators of domestic policy. Fly dispatches will be sent “temniki”, thirty thousand couriers will spread across the country explain the harmfulness of this idea. Celebrationist catches the emanation of as they ought still more to delve into the intricacies of Ukrainian election campaign, as well as American . And about the great initiative of the Grozny district court to shut-up.

However, the idea has already escaped, sooner or later it will capture the masses. I believe. As Bakunin believed in the native socialist spirit of the Russian people. Maybe not in our lifetime, but it still happens. We abhor and tear all bills, contracts and commitments. Because debt relief is our understanding of justice. If hard to pay – that should be an inalienable right not to pay.

This understanding is entertained is not under a bushel centuries of the existence of contract law and the Protestant ethic, and on the basis of the worldview according to which all bankers/lenders, dealers, merchants don’t ask you to.

And therefore must share their belongings, since there can be no honestly acquired in such quantities on our poor land, and can only be stolen. They didn’t deserve it, in our understanding. And we don’t deserve them roach ass and tear. We, the great spiritual civilization, not that it revealed to the world.

After all, what is the gas that monopoly through “Mezhregiongaz” we sell at prices that in the post-Soviet time has increased dozens of times? This is our public property. And is on the “telly” said. And there will not lie. Mineral resources and their wealth belong to the people, about it is written in the Constitution. So why do we have to pay for it? Why is gas in Turkmenistan, which is not richer than our country, the government can afford free gas consumption norms, and we can’t? Over free standards charge there too, it was not so long ago raised for the first time since 1993, to as much as 8 dollars per thousand cubic meters. While in Russia, these meters are, without any norms of free baggage allowance, depending on tariffs and regions, for about $ 100.

But no, we pay overall price, and gasman regularly cut off defaulters. The reason for disabling can be a delay of 2 months. Then notice 20 days and Hello, the pipe is cut. References in the legislation that, they say the house is heated by a “gas”, and the court of winter, is not provided. The debt write-off as uncollectible “% increases” in the legislation either. Each debtor must be an individual approach, including the needy should allocate subsidies. Do? The practice of writing off bad debts in Russia exists in practice: the bailiffs are annually written off as impossible to the recovery of Bank and other debts at 2.2-2.5 trillion rubles.

Privileges on payment of housing services are: large families; seniors (not more than 50% of the rate of gas consumption); invalids I and II group; participants of combat operations; veterans employment; veterans; low-income families and many other categories of citizens. Know which set of “flexibilities” in the month? And here they are: for the dwelling, regardless of apartment or private house, a gas flow of 8.1 cubic meters for food to 10.6 cubic meters, if there is no heater that runs on gas and 5.3 cubic meters. m, in the presence of a gas column and a counter to 12.7 cu. m. anyone who is dealing with an individual gas and pays at the counter, it is easy to understand that it’s not even the miserable standards, in General, is purely symbolic.

Last year the amount of debt on payments for gas supply by Russia was close to 200 billion roubles. However, the discipline of payment has grown in recent years, reaching 97-98%. The growth of non-payments also slow down. People dutifully in the mass, going through the motions every year, rising rates, and if they complain, don’t protest. Mass non-payment can be considered a form of protest. Maybe in Chechnya just a more developed civil society? Besides, as we know, well-armed. Maybe in this case too?

The amount of debt on payments for housing and communal services of the Russians last year reached half a trillion rubles. Together with legal entities – half a trillion. This compares with the current record Federal budget surplus, which is accompanied by increase in all taxes and fees. The same VAT was in such a financial abundance and not increase. But do not spare us Fiscals, which is already there. But is charging these utilities-debt does not lead to increased social tensions and, moreover, to undermine the authority of the Supreme power, which, as we know, is the answer for everything? Well, why, if the decisions on blocking of Internet resources by any Russian court are precedent for the whole country, the decision of the Grozny court does not make precedent for the whole of Russia? Weak? Sorry, that is weak. And, you can add almost 14 trillion rubles of debts of Russians to banks and 5 trillion in legal claims.

All be attributed, to forgive everyone! To restart Russia, along with all its state-capitalist-oligarchic economy! We won the king’s debts are “forgiven” in 1917 — Yes, as well (many believe) then lived 70 years.

And then we even in debt given. And we gave. And forgive then. For the promise of such credited countries to strive for the victory of communism throughout the world. For the dream is actually paid. For Phuc.

In the end, a General forgiveness of debts “parasite”, “spawned by the Gaidar-Yeltsin” privatization, can be considered our form of reconciliation with her predatory outcomes. This will be our national “Pact of Moncloa” (was awarded various political forces in post-Franco Spain in order to relive the past once again). Because where my personal share of the same “Gazprom”? Where are my annual deductions from the sale of natural resources like Alaska (up to 2 thousand dollars a year or more, by the way). Why the heads of state corporations are getting such exorbitant money per day that ordinary Russians do not earn in a year? Why the Corporation contains a German football club (I would have known the Russian was removed from the allowance), and I have to pay per thousand cubic meters of about 6 thousand rubles? And we have about the price of gasoline and diesel started a conversation. And about the economic feasibility of any North, South, and Turkish flows. Why our generous government writes off the debts of tens of billions and not only African countries? After 1991, it was forgiven a debt of more than $130 billion Than we are worse than African countries?

“This columnist completely lost your mind, take another” — think of the reader. Well, what is it? After all, if all these crazy offers to implement, there will be complete economic collapse and chaos. And we will have as in Venezuela, where about such practices brought the country to a state of even not economic, and humanitarian disaster. But why, then, including our state (!) corporations continue to invest in this country billions of dollars?

The Soviet Union also practiced mass and periodic debt write-off underperforming farms. To succeed they did not. Soviet agriculture could not feed the country and was in a state of permanent decline. Yes, remember, it is. But the dream is still desirable.

“Russia without debt!” What a great slogan for a “restart” of the whole system. Will scratch that — a burdensome past and start with a clean slate.

America, we still do not catch up. Even China did not catch up. And even Portugal in terms of life – do not catch up. But what is easy will be our life without any obligations. Well, for some time. Until all collapses. So it goes there will notice skeptic. What shall we tell him: “But we will end up brighter.” Any dream in fact, in order to prove its impossibility, is to be tested. And suddenly we have a miracle happens build Freebies in one country? And suddenly it’s not a freebie, and that’s what social justice is our way?

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