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Georgie from “It” advises us not to disturb others in the theater (VIDEO)

“It” Andres, Moschetti triumphal marches through the world, puts cash records including in Russia, but still missing those who for some reason didn’t get out to the cinema. The reasons may be different: things, the lack of money or hatred of a typical the inhabitants of dark rooms. You know people who are constantly cracking on the mobile phone, loud and inappropriate laughing or insert your wildly informative comments for no reason? Surely you have repeatedly side by side with these characters in the movie. And probably wanted to kill them… Not personally, of course, but the hands of Pennywise – why not?

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In an American movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse also do not like people who while watching a movie interfere with the other. And the guys working there with imagination. The long-awaited release of the film adaptation they made a little video with the participation of the young actor Jackson Robert Scott, who in “It” played Georgie Denbrough.

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The boy took a red balloon, boat, dressed in familiar yellow raincoat and comfortable theater chairs turned to the audience with a request during your sessions behave. Well, as a request? Georgie just said that those who will be talking on the phone or talking to each other, “too fly”. Turned out very nice.

“It” in limited release on September 7.

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