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George Romero shares details about the “Road of the Dead”

A wild mix of “Mad max 2”, and NASCAR racing “Ben-Hur”. Plus zombies, of course. Here, as we previously presented a new project by George Romero. Sounds cool, but I would like more details, isn’t it?

We will remind, in may of this year, the Area of Horror wrote about the fact that Romero is seeking funding for a film “Road of the dead”, the draft of which will be presented to possible producers at the Fantasia film festival this month. According to the creators, the story will unfold on the island, where zombies are chained to a racing car, have to fight each other in a modern Colosseum for the amusement of the local rich.

Now, in an interview with Rue Morgue, Romero told a bit more about this idea:

Everything happens in the city, where the local big boss has arranged a refuge for rich people, and one of the things that he organized – the race is on speed to entertain all. There is a scientist who conducts genetic experiments, trying to get zombies to stop us there, and he found that after a small operation, they are unable to remember certain skills that will enable them to participate in these races. So it’s demolition Derby with zombakami on wheels, and, of course, shit will fly on the fan from all sides. This is a real steep and fun, with lots of tricks.

The ghouls will remember some of the skills and force you to drive a car for the amusement of rich people, but don’t worry, without cars they will be slow and clumsy, like we used to. The classic zombie of George Romero.

Scientist working with tambaram is likely to be too old: it is known that he has a daughter, but there is a girl. In addition, the story will involve the people from his entourage, “the half-dozen important bad guys” and “several characters for comic discharge,” well, the big boss with the manners of a dictator.

Despite the fact that the picture Romero has always had a tinge of political and social satire, in this tape you will find a reflection of the current political situation in the US, and here’s why:

It would be difficult, it’s too much, and we didn’t get into it, when they wrote the script. In fact, it’s almost a Comedy, though there are scary and creepy moments and all that. There is more suspense than blood. When eating meat, it’s not shown too openly. No large scale scenes where people are torn to pieces. It is a farce, but it’s mostly tricks. It is quite another. For example, one character who participated once in NASCAR, tragically dies, but then returns and goes again. It’s almost like the “Looney tunes”.

Frankly, the child inside me loves dismemberment than bugs Bunny, but what to do? In any case, “Looney tunes” with a zombie doesn’t sound so bad!

Well, recall that directing “the street of the dead” will be Matt Birman, sort of a scholar. Roger Romero. He wrote the first draft of the script, and then in the case entered Romero, using the original script.

Now together, they will present this concept at the Frontières market projects in the framework of Festa Fantasia. So we wish them good luck!

Topic: George Romero acted as the editor of the zombie anthology “Night of the living dead”.

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