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George Martin told the end of “Game of thrones”

The author of the series “a Song of Ice and fire” George Martin and the producers of “Game of thrones” are the only people in the world who knows what the outcome of the main fantasy Saga of our time. Although Martin is not going to spoil the experience of readers and viewers with the spoilers, he readily talks about the atmosphere and mood continue.

George Martin told the end of “Game of thrones”

George Martin, in Mexico, talked with fans of the series “a Song of Ice and fire” – and told us what to expect in the denouement of his epic:

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I can’t say for sure what the outcome of the Saga, but at least I will specify: final cause a mixture of sadness and joy… Now I’m writing the sixth book of the series – and there’s so many dark chapters. 20 years I have insisted that winter is coming, and here it came. And winter is the time of death, decay; ice and darkness consume this world. Don’t expect a bright, optimistic of the book: some characters will be very hard. The traditional structure of any story: the hero is getting heavier and heavier, but only to the decoupling moment of clarity”.
Starting with the sixth season of the TV series “Game of thrones” has overtaken its primary source, that is, the viewers saw on the screen a variety of events from another unpublished sixth novel of the series – “the Winds of winter”. Start date sales still unknown. However, according to the producers of “Game of thrones”, from this development will not suffer any fans of the TV show or readers of Martin: although series and series of novels will end the same way, the way to the climax they will be different.

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Trailer of the sixth season of “Game of thrones”

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