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George Clooney played a practical joke on a TV show

Джордж Клуни устроил розыгрыш на телешоуRecently, the actor took part in the show, during which he played the audience

Recently the famous actor George Clooney tells a lot about their children, whose appearance was a surprise to many, as an avid bachelor for many years had no hope that in the future to get married and become a father. But it happened when the artist was 56 years.

The actor has been a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he, of course, asked him how he managed with children. A big surprise for the audience and guests of the Studio was the appearance of the best friend of star actor Matt Damon, who came in with a stroller for twins. There was a loud applause, hoping that will be incredible, and they will be able to see the newborn twins of a famous actor.

The star of “Bourne identity” said that he is very often left to look after the kids and helps his friend. The camera focused on two pelenochek hanging on the edges of the carriages pink and blue colors.
Later, Matt was asked to show the kids, to which he agreed and reached for the folds, then dropped them with a crash. The room fell silence, which later turned into laughter because actually the convolution was empty.

George said that his children did not like each other, neither in appearance nor in character. So, the girl went to the mother and inherited her large eyes, and from infancy to behave like a lady. The boy succeeded his father, a strong humorist, who laughs loudest of his household.

The actor admits that during those three months, when he became a father, he’s always afraid to hurt their kids.

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