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George Clooney openly talked about married life

Джордж Клуни откровенно рассказал о супружеской жизниAmal Clooney was a jackpot.

Hollywood actor George Clooney has not ceased to impress the staff and fans of romantic stories about the relationship with Amal. Recently, he shared his thoughts on fatherhood and his marriage.

George and Amal Clooney – one of the best couples in Hollywood. Every time the couple striking a dramatic exits and affection which he demonstrates in public. This way George Clooney was confirmed in an interview with US Weekly.

According to him, marriage with Amal Clooney was for him as jackpot. Because the lawyer is not only attractive and intelligent, but also cares about the rights of people involved in social projects.

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Amal tries to pull of Reuters journalists from Myanmar. And she is an incredible mom and a great wife. I feel like I hit the jackpot– confessed George Clooney.

No less enthusiasm he aroused and the question of parenting, because exactly a month later the twins Ellie and Alexander will be 2 years. George Clooney has assured that despite the mischievousness of the children, they – the best thing in his life.

“They are good, happy children. Many laugh and have empty. Spread shoes peanut butter and they’ll think it’s funny,” said George Clooney.

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Despite the fact that Ella and alekandr is the twins, they have radically different personalities, says their star father. Clooney’s wife already devotes much time to their education and development, so children can boast knowledge of English and Italian alphabets.

Each of them was born with his nature. They’re just completely different personalities. They are fun and smart: already knows English and Italian alphabet, added George Clooney.

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