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Geologists told about the upheavals of the Earth’s poles

Геологи рассказали о переворотах полюсов ЗемлиGeologists have detected the anomaly the banks of the Limpopo river.

Physics said that the magnetic field has been falling for 3,000 years, but if this continues, we will soon reach a critical point. The arrow of the compass is not always pointed out in these directions, through research, scientists have determined that the pole moves approximately once in a million years.

Geologists from the USA 2 years ago found an anomaly on the Bank of the Limpopo river – the magnetic force fell and had a very low value a few centuries ago. This was the first evidence of the upheavals of the Earth in the anomalous points.

Also, through the investigation of volcanic rocks from the Caribbean, were able to determine that over the last 5 million years there have been several shifts of axis, and several dozen temporal shifts of the poles.

Geologists claim that such a falling of a magnetic field threaten the Earth with destruction from cosmic rays and radioactive elements, as well as the decommissioning of the ISS and other satellites.

It may help in the development of cancer and accelerate the evolution, or the complete destruction of all living things. Scientists report that they will continue to observe the excavation and to predict the exact final.

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