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Genetics has proved the extinction of smart people

Генетики доказали вымирание умных людейSmart people on average have six percent fewer children than others.

Icelandic company deCODE conducted a study which showed that national populations share genes associated with the acquisition of education decreases. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The company’s experts used data on more than hundred thousands of Icelanders gathered in 1910-1975. During this time, as studies have shown that the frequency of occurrence of genes in the population, one way or another connected with the study, declined.

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Simultaneously, experts found that smart people, i.e. those who, according to the publication authors tend to education have on average six percent less children than the rest.

The cause of the observed regularities of experts see is that people with genes that contribute to the study, more focused on their own development, not on procreation. That is, according to the scientists, and subsequently leads to a decrease in the proportion of their genes in the relatively isolated from the mainland population.

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Meanwhile, this effect of degradation of a population is extremely small. Scientists estimate that the average IQ of Icelanders over the decade, drops to a maximum of 0,04 points. Separately, the company’s experts deCODE note that in brain development are responsible not only genes, but also the surrounding environment, in particular, family.

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