Saturday , November 28 2020
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General rejoicing

Всеобщее ликование

In General, we can exhale. The boy said — boy did! June 24 military Parade, an announcement will come the day, the churches and temples, prayers are held and begin to vote. Vote all week until July 1, inclusive. A number of approaches to the polls for the voting is not limited to, passports are not mandatory to the infection not to catch or pass, and the lives and health of Russians is the main priority, as repeatedly said Vladimir Putin. You can vote in any place and, of course, July 1, again the day off.

The opening of the packages with the protocols of results of voting start at the same time in the precinct, district and city, regional and Respublika election commissions. 5 minutes after the end of voting in Kaliningrad Ella in the TV opens the package with the final result in Russia.

The result is pleasantly surprising and leads to rejoicing in the Kremlin, the government, the Duma, the Senate and the Surgeon with Mashkov. To share joy with people, the Kremlin announces July 2, the Day of National Rejoicing, with pay, at the expense of employers. July 3, announced just a day for people of the state of happiness…

Something like this will be.


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