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General Motors showed in the video your autopilot

General Motors показал на видео работу своего автопилота Chevrolet Bolt with the Autonomous control system was in a precarious situation when he ran into a standing truck.

The concern General Motors has published a video that demonstrates the operation of an unmanned Chevrolet Bolt. The car for an hour went on the roads of San Francisco without the help of the driver.

Bolt several times to pedestrians who crossed the carriageway in the wrong place, was stopped at the Stop signs and were always waiting for an allowing signal of the traffic light. At complex intersections autopilot missed oncoming traffic when turning left. The car was once in emergency situations, when oncoming traffic had to go around the truck.

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The video with the autopilot GM came in second with the beginning of the year. In January, the group showed how the Chevrolet Bolt traveled to San Francisco with the company President Dan Ammann on Board. Then the car overtook other vehicles to pedestrians and cyclists, change lanes and turn.

General Motors plans to use Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt as a first unmanned taxi. Also, the project will participate and taxi company Lyft.

The American group has invested in Lyft $ 500 million. and consistently transplant the drivers of one of the largest taxi services in the United States to their cars. The Chevrolet Bolt is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours, which is enough for 320 km. The maximum speed is 146 km per hour.

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