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Gelatin mask for all hair types at home

Желатиновая маска для всех типов волос в домашних условияхGelatin mask for hair created a boom in folk cosmetics.

We used to use food gelatin in cooking: without this ingredient it is impossible to imagine an aspic or jelly.

However, this substance is also able to improve the appearance of the hair and get rid of split ends.

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Due to the extensive content in the gelatin protein, these masks will help to make hair elastic and smooth, return the tarnished hair Shine and stop their hair loss.

The main rule of this procedure is the observance of correct proportions and cooking techniques.

Mask for normal hair

Dissolve 1 tbsp gelatin in 3 tbsp water and heat on a water bath, not boiling. Razmeshivaya mass, to avoid lumps. When gelatin is completely dissolved, can be added to mask any beneficial ingredients like essential oils or any hair. Apply the resulting paste on slightly damp hair, avoiding the root area. Wrap head with plastic wrap and a warm towel and leave on hair. Keep the mask can be 1-2 hours, then wash away with warm water.

Mask for oily hair

Prepare a gelatin-based method indicated above, only instead of water, use yogurt. As additional ingredients add lemon juice, apples or currants. The resulting mask apply on the entire length of hair, cover with polyethylene, and on top – with a towel. Leave on hair for 2 hours, and then wash away with warm water.

Mask for dry hair

Prepare the gelatin solution of 1 tbsp. gelatin and 3 tbsp water, bring the mass until it thickens on a steam bath. After complete dissolution of gelatin add to the mask 2 tbsp of a decoction of nettles, hops, or 1 tbsp of honey. These ingredients will help to moisturize the hair. Ready weight put on hair, cover with a layer of polyethylene, a towel and leave for 1.5-2 hours, then thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Gelatin mask similar to salon procedures, the lamination of hair – they are cheap, but quite effective: with prolonged use of these masks improves the growth of hair and their resistance to temperature exposure.

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