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Geely has announced yet another minivan

Geely анонсировал ещё один минивэнIt is more VF11 and he has no family grille

In the Internet appeared fresh pictures of the new items from the car brand Geely. We are talking about the minivan, factory index which VF12.

If a previous version of the VF11 has any information on the discussed models is not a word.

The images show that the overall appearance of the model VF12 is very different from its predecessor. In particular, the grille has lost the so-called circles on the water.

DRL goes a L-shaped, very much similar with the latest versions of the model range Volvo. This is not surprising, as Volvo is part of Geely group.
Geely is preparing to premiere another minivan: it’s more VF11 and he has no surname grid (PHOTO)
There is also information that the model VF12 slightly longer than the previous version.

About the power unit of a novelty so far no information. But about the VF11 is known that at first the model will be equipped with a-liter turbo engine of 177 HP.

Geely анонсировал ещё один минивэн

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