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Geeks of our time. Photo

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото12 most young graduates.

For most people, studying – sort of a transition into adulthood, the transition from puberty to maturity.

But sometimes there are unique students that embark on this step at such a young age that they are still teenagers and can’t be called. The curriculum of the University is quite complicated even for an adult, and if it ease the high school – he must have truly amazing abilities!

Jacob Barnett (born in 1998)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

At the age of two years, the doctors gave Jacob a diagnosis of “autism”, saying that he is unlikely to learn to speak properly, to read and write. He was sent to a training centre for children with special needs, and then in the remedial class of the school. However, the parents saw that the simplified program’s annoying son, and decided to put him on home schooling. In 8 years the mother took Jacob out of remedial class and started to drive to University lectures in maths, astronomy and physics. Examining school mathematics course 2 weeks, a 10 years old boy entered the University of Indiana and began to study condensed matter physics. Before admission to the UNIVERSITY at 9 years old, Jacob began work on his own expanded theory of relativity, 13 years has published this work and it was highly appreciated by the professionals. 15 years Jacob entered the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, where he defended his thesis. His IQ is over 170 points and he demonstrates incredible abilities in mathematics, astrophysics and theoretical physics. He even tipped the Nobel prize! Not bad for a man with Asperger’s syndrome, which is still with difficulty tying laces.

Akrit Jaswal (1993)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Akrit started to walk and talk at the same time – in the ten age, and to read and write have learned to two years and five years, quoting Shakespeare. In 4 years he practiced medicine, chemistry and physics and read a serious scientific works. Akrit became famous all over the world at the age of seven, when I had a medical operation the next girl – she was moving the fingers on the hand after a serious burn, and he managed to separate them, brilliantly coped with the task. In 12 years, the young genius took a medical College, and now he’s working on a doctorate in biochemistry. The Akrit has a dream – to invent a cure for cancer, and he’s working hard for it. His IQ is 146 points.

Michael Kearney (1984)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Michael was born prematurely and the doctors warned the parents that the child may lag behind in development from their peers. However, they are very wrong. Later, Michael was diagnosed with ADHD, but the parents refused to treat it suggested by doctors ritalin (a psychostimulant). The fact that their son was special, my parents realized when four months old he began to ask them questions like, “what’s for dinner tonight?”. At 8 months he learned to read and became a fan of intellectual television show. In 4 years, Michael has passed a diagnostics test on the mathematics program and scored the highest. The high school program mastered over the year and finished it at the age of six years, and then went to College majoring in Geology and graduated in 8 years. In 10 years, Michael received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of South Alabama and was listed in the Guinness Book of records as the youngest University graduate in the world. At age 14, he graduated from the University of Tennessee with a master’s degree in biochemistry. And his love of the television show has led to the fact that he participated in such games as “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and each time left with a big win. His IQ is over 200 points.

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Moshe Kai Cavalin (1998 R.)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Moshe’s mother is Chinese, father emigrated to the United States a Jew. Moshe began to study at the age of two years, four have already knew simple math, seven have studied trigonometry, eight went to College and 11 years graduated. He then continued his studies at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), where he received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. At first he wanted to study astrophysics, but then became seriously interested in cryptography and computer science, and when I wrote my master’s degree on cyber security, received an invitation to work at NASA. Moshe is very humble, does not like to discuss your IQ and don’t like being called a genius. He says that you just need to work hard and to achieve something. His goal is to start my own company in the field of cybersecurity.

Alia Sabur (born 1989)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Aliya learned to read when she was only 8 months. When the school Aliya took a test to determine IQ, the results skyrocketed. By the fourth class showed so outstanding achievements, after primary school at the age of 10 years he entered the University of stony brook (new York) to study mathematics and graduated with honors from it in 14 years, receiving a bachelor’s degree. He then entered the University halls of residence (Philadelphia) and received a doctorate in scientific and engineering specialties. At the age of 19 she was the youngest in the world a Professor at Konkuk University in Seoul (South Korea). And she masterfully plays the clarinet and has a black belt in Taekwondo.

Colin Carlson (1996)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Colin’s mother is a psychologist, dad is a musician, and that he was a Prodigy, included in 2011 in the rating of Business Insider’s “16 smartest children in history” along with Mozart, Picasso and Bobby Fischer. In two years, Colin had read the book, and at nine he began to study in College, UCONN. At the age of 15 graduated from the University of Connecticut with bachelor’s and master’s degree in evolutionary biology and environmental studies. Now studying at UC Berkeley and is preparing to obtain his doctorate.

Tallaght Avatar Tulsi (born 1987)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Tallaght was born in Northern India, in a family belonging to the class is below average. His amazing mathematical ability manifested itself from early childhood – it is easy to calculate in the mind complex examples of five-digit numbers. Parents to recognize the boy’s talent and helped him in every way. High school he graduated from nine years. In the late 90s became known throughout the country, received a bachelor of science in Patna University at the age of ten years. In 12 years Tallaght became the youngest world master of science. Training he continued in the Indian scientific Institute, where at the age of 21 became the youngest doctor of science. In 2003, Time magazine named it one of seven most talented young scientists in the world. Today he teaches at the Indian Institute of technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) in Mumbai and is working on the study of quantum search algorithms.

Kathleen Holtz (1989)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Kathleen Holtz easily skipped in school not through a class but just a few. In first grade she spent only three weeks, and immediately entered the second and then the fifth. And from there on to College where I was studying part-time. At the age of 11 moved to full-time education and graduated from College with honors and a degree in philosophy. Then, at age 15, he enrolled in law school at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where classmates of the sun tritely not too friendly. So she masked her age. In 2007, at the age of 18 years, Kathleen became the youngest practicing attorney in California and won her first case.

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Sho Yano (1990)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Sho Yano IQ – 200 points. Two boy learned to read, three write five – to compose music. In 8 years, he passed the SAT is a standardized test for admission to higher educational institutions in the United States – and got 1500 points out of a possible 1600. In nine years, Shaw graduated from high school and enrolled in Chicago’s Loyola University and 12 graduated with honours from him, and continued her studies in medical school Pritzker at the University of Chicago. At 18 Shaw received his Ph. D. in molecular genetics and Cytology, and 21 year – doctoral degree. In addition to the achievements in the scientific field Shaw great pianist and has a black belt in Taekwondo.

Angela and Diana Knyazeva (1986 and 1987)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

These girls are very lucky to have a mom. Their mother Yulia Knyazeva – candidate of pedagogic Sciences, specialist in the field of innovative educational methods, child endowments and family education. She managed so effectively to reveal the abilities of daughters, they finished high school in 5 years instead of eleven, at the age of 11 and 10 years. (By the way, they even “ahead” of the famous scientist Lev Landau, who at the time was at College at the age of 14 years.) Then the girls entered the faculty of international economic relations (MEO), the Financial Academy in Moscow and graduated in 3 years instead of five, both with honors. That is, the diplomas they received 14 and 13 years old. A year later, the girls received the diplomas of the Russian new University on a speciality “jurisprudence”, and then enrolled in Stanford (USA) on specialty “international economy” and finished the program in one year instead of two. Thus, Angela and Diana became the youngest holders of a master’s degree at Stanford University at 16 and 15 years respectively. They then received a doctorate at the business school “stern”, new York University, where he received a doctorate in Finance and international business. Today they work of financial economists in the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. Sisters are fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Kim UN-Yong (born in 1963)

Вундеркинды нашего времени. Фото

Kim is a child Prodigy from South Korea who spoke four languages and solved the integrals at the age of four. Kim wrote poetry and knew by heart 2000 words in both English and German. About the little 4-year-old Prodigy found out worldwide, when he performed in the television program on Fuji TV and in front of everyone decided the most complicated differential equations. It brought in the Guinness Book of records as the smartest person in the world with an IQ of 210. From three to six years, Kim has been an adjunct student of physics at Hanyang University, and in seven years he received an invitation from NASA to study at the University of Colorado (USA). In 15 years, Kim earned a doctorate in physics, and then returned home, where in 2007 she worked at the Chungbuk National University.

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