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Gastroenterologists have called the main cause of stomach ulcers

Гастроэнтерологи назвали главную причину язвы желудкаThe doctors explained, which can develop peptic ulcer.

Gastroenterologists claim that gastric ulcer is one of the most common diseases of our time. This sores there is no age that is can get sick as a very young man, and retired. It all depends on the person’s lifestyle, but still there is a reason that leads to the development of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the stomach and doctors have told you about it in more detail.

Nerves or bad food?

The doctors will answer this question unequivocally: “both”. It turns out that the vast majority of ulcer – people who are constantly exposed to stress and not eat and abuse alcohol and smoke. If a person observed all these phenomena, it automatically gets to group of risk and, most likely, sooner or later will become the patient’s gastroenterologist.

It turns out that excessive nervousness and chaotic lifestyle, and the prevalence of harmful products in the diet, leading to the formation of stomach ulcers. But this disease can be prevented by avoiding stressful situations and leading a healthy lifestyle.

How dangerous is gastric ulcer?

Launched peptic ulcer of the stomach often leads to peritonitis, that is, mucosa damaged ulcers on breaks and food enters immediately into the abdominal cavity. This condition in medicine is called “ulcer perforation”.

In this case, the patient may suffer severe pain in the belly and it will need to be immediately hospitalized to the hospital for further operative intervention surgeon.

How to recognize a stomach ulcer at an early stage and to avoid peritonitis?

Ulcer feel heaviness in the stomach after a meal, they are permanently sick or suffer heartburn, increased flatulence and blown up tummy, still can appear constipation and impaired appetite, in consequence of which they rapidly begin to lose weight.

If you encounter these symptoms to postpone visit to the gastroenterologist strongly recommended.

To self-medicate in the case of gastric ulcer life-threatening, as can internal bleeding or a disease transformirovalsya in peritonitis, when to avoid surgery will not happen.

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