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Gas station daily increasing prices of the petrol

АЗС ежедневно повышают цены на автогазA liter of A-95 gasoline costs an average 24,91 of the hryvnia.

At the gas station over the weekend almost on the hryvnia increased the cost of gas for cars because of its deficiency in Ukraine. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel have not changed and remain high.

A liter of gasoline category A-95 in average in Ukraine today, 20 August, is 24,91 UAH. Depending on the gas stations, the price of this fuel varies from UAH of 23.32 to 26.49 UAH. That is, to save or to pay can be up to three hryvnia.

Liter of diesel will cost drivers on average 22,20 UAH.

Gas for cars is an average 13,15 UAH. At some gas stations – even 14-15 UAH.

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